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[DPRG] Hello - new to list

Subject: [DPRG] Hello - new to list
From: jeffrey loper jcloper at yahoo.com
Date: Wed Jun 6 22:33:50 CDT 2001

Hello. My name is Cameron Loper.  I'm a controls
engineer who dabbles in mobile robotics at night and
on weekends.  I live in Kentucky, so needless to say I
probably won't make it to any weekly meetings in
Dallas, but the technical conversation on this list
should be good.

I'm currently buidling my first robot - two wheeled
with caster, bump switches, IR sensors, CdS light
sensors, buzzer for feedback, and possibly more to
come later...  

Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself on this


Jeffrey C. Loper
jcloper at yahoo.com

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