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[DPRG] Researching Robotics Design Tools

Subject: [DPRG] Researching Robotics Design Tools
From: R. Bickle rbickle at swbell.net
Date: Tue Jun 12 10:08:44 CDT 2001


I have read several good articles on the internet on how to tune PID
controllers. In fact, a friend of mine from UTD gave me a spreadsheet on
tuning calculations for various plants. (I can send it to you if you're
interested). The thing I was trying to work out is: How to measure the
actual motor speed as a function of the set speed. It would be great if you
could see a simple curve on a scope so that you could see the effect of
changes to each PID tuning parameter.

The only idea I have so far is to stream PWM numbers out on the serial port
and have a PC program to graph them. My plan is to make a motor control
module that has programmable tuning paramters to that anyone could use it
with any motor.

Rick Bickle

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I just got a book "Step-by-Step Design of Motion Control Systems" by Jacob
Tal from Amazon (It took 6 weeks!)  That goes through the math step by step
and lets you calculate what the PID parameters should be.

They do it for voltage and current amplifiers, but not for PWM, so I am
currently at a loss as how to model the PWM for their formulas.  I am
thinking it is like the voltage model, but I will probably have to try it.

>  I am currently
> working on a PID motor control module for my robot. I need to find a good
> way to tune the parameters of the PID algorithm for different plants. Once
> this is done, I plan to actally make my robot move... :-)
> Rick Bickle

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