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[DPRG] Fwd: Vancouver Robot Sumo Competition

Subject: [DPRG] Fwd: Vancouver Robot Sumo Competition
From: Robert L. Jordan rljordan at airmail.net
Date: Tue Jun 12 16:20:37 CDT 2001


Bill Harrison sends me his updates. I
sent it to the list as it has some
good info in it.

Lego robot members: Take a look at
the 15cm robot size suggested.

Robert L. Jordan
DPRG Prex. 2001

Forwarded From: bill harrison <bill at sinerobotics.com>

> Hi All,
>         Well, I attended my last Robot Sumo contest for this 
season, the
> Vancouver Robot Sumo Contest.  Boy it's been quite a season for me, 
> attended and assisted 10 Robot Sumo competitions, from Los Angeles 
> Calgary to Peoria to Tokyo.  It's been very interesting and I've 
> a whole lot about running Robot Sumo contests  :-)
>         This was Vancouver's first year at having an official Robot 
> contest. Five Robot Sumo machines showed up to show their stuff, 
all but
> one made from Legos.
>         The Lego Robot Sumos were very well built.  They 
concentrated on
> getting traction and keeping the wheels from falling off (they did 
> by putting Lego supports on both sides of the wheels, thus 
> them from sliding off).  And it worked, they could match the 
> and power of some of my best robots of about the same mass (which 
> not made from Legos).
>         The interesting robot, for me, was a robot made from a toy 
> something that had two oscillating arms.  The arms would lift up, 
> back, drop down, move forward, lift up again repeatedly.  I think 
> made it the most interesting robot there, as it is the same movement
> used by the Human Sumo wrestlers, and I haven't seen this on a Robot
> Sumo  till now.
>         They also introduced an interesting new class (only local so
> far):  a special Lego class.  They can have a mass of 1 Kg, and a 
> of 15 cm sq by any height.  The run on the 77 cm Mini Robot Sumo 
> This seems to work pretty well.
>         The mass of their Lego Class Robot Sumo  is enough to get 
> reasonable legos attached.  The 500 grams of the Mini Robot Sumo 
> doesn't give much to work with, and the 3000 grams of the Japanese 
> is difficult to afford the cost of enough legos (also it is 
difficult to
> make them powerful and strong enough).  The 15 cm size is good too, 
> keeps things small, but gives a little "elbow room" to build with.  
> "Brick" alone makes designing a Mini Robot Sumo very difficult 
> possible).  15 cm is enough to make it easy to build an interesting
> Robot Sumo.  I like their using a the Mini Robot Sumo ring too.  
> big enough for the slower moving 15 cm sq Lego powered robots.  This
> means we don't have to have three ring sizes at the contests.
>         I'd like some other groups to try this size and mass out 
for a
> special Lego class Robot Sumo.  Then let me know how it goes (or I 
> just see, the next time I'm at your contest).  If this works out as 
> at some other contests as it did in Vancouver, let's consider 
> this as a new class.
>         Those in Vancouver were so excited about Robot Sumo, that 
> have already invited me to be an official at their Next contest in
> October (so they are planning to continue Robot Sumo contests) :-)
>         Well, now I have to sit down and work on next years rule
> revisions for the Northwest Robot Sumo Tournament.  The revised 
> will be posted before September.
>                 Bill Harrison
>                 Head Northwest Robot Sumo
>                http://www.sinerobotics.com

Robert L. Jordan (Bob)

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