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Subject: [DPRG] RE: Eric..........
From: Jeff Koenig jkoenig at airmail.net
Date: Tue Jun 12 18:21:06 CDT 2001

Robert and Bradley,

I bet those diodes are high-voltage ones.  People building Tesla coils and
the like may be interested in them.

When I was in high school, I decided to build an infrared viewer.  After
finding some surplus components (the photomultiplier tube and an IR filter
for the illumination source, which was a Q-beam spotlight), I found that I
lacked the high-voltage parts that I was going to need to get the 20,000
volts that the tube required.

Calling blindly, I got the ear of a sympathetic engineer at Varo.  He said I
could come over to the plant, where he gave me some high voltage multipliers
and some documentation that went with them (they were extras that he had in
his desk).  He also gave me some good hints on how to use the multipliers
for my application.

I went on to win the High School, Regional, State and National competition
for my little viewer.  It was pretty crude, but this was about 20 years ago,
and I barely knew which end of a soldering iron to hang on to.

I've always liked Varo.


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Date: Tuesday, June 12, 2001 7:52 AM
Subject: [DPRG] RE: Eric..........

>Thanks for the offer. I don't know of many making use of diodes
>at the present time and don't have access to the Varo docs.
>A little history:
>My Father was the second President of Varo back in 1963-.
>It is because of my pulling a hot soldering iron off a bench, that
>Varo had a policy of no minors touring the building. Sorry to
>all the Scouts that effected.
>Varo gave TI a tour in the early days to show off their
>assembly line techniques. TI liked them so much they copied
>Varo's approach. (I assume Varo copied Henry Ford).
>Varo invented and produced a lot of neat "toys" for the military.
>My favorite is night vision equipment. I still have my 22 caliber
>rifle that they tested the night vision on at the Garland shooting
>Thanks again for you generosity and interest.
>Robert L. Jordan
>DPRG Prez. 2001
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>Bradley J Metcalf wrote:
>> Eric,
>>   Remember me?
>Sure I remember you!  It's been a long time though.  I still have
>fond memories of the field-trip we took to your (step? -in-law?)
>father's laboratory down south... ;-)
>> I still monitor the DPRG list. I just bought a large quantity of
>> assorted diodes from old Varo stock to resell on Ebay.
>>   If the group is doing any kids robotic classes or group builds,
>> or if you just need some as doorprizes, etc. let me know. I don't
>> have specs on all the parts, (If anyone has info on Varo stuff it
>> would help me) but if you could use a couple fistfulls for that
>> kind of thing let me know. I would be glad to donate. I also may
>> have some GARPish Power rectifiers you can use.
>>   Don't send over a mob with flaming torches, but if someone
>> representing the DPRG wants to come by and check it out, let me know.
>> Cheers!
>> Bradley Metcalf
>I'll copy Robert Jordan on this -- he's our head honcho now and
>has a knack for making arrangements for stuff like this, plus
>he might have some good leads on Varo info.
>Thanks for thinking of us!
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