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[DPRG] Seeking Measurements

Subject: [DPRG] Seeking Measurements
From: Patrick Innes kc5ugq at yahoo.com
Date: Sat Jun 16 18:30:54 CDT 2001

Greetings to the list!

As I have mentioned on the list a couple of times
before, a friend of mine who manages a local hobby
shop is interested in hosting radio-controlled sumo
matches at the store.  We've had a good look at the
"standard" rules for autonomous sumo, and are coming
up with a slightly modified rule set tailored towards
radio-controlled units.  

In the interests of making it easier for the "average
joe" to get involved, we're trying to come up with
size and weight classifications that would make it
possible to use off-the-shelf radio controlled toys
and racing car chassis as the basis for these units.  

I've been to various toy stores around town, taking
rough measurements, but as you might expect, the
management weren't exactly thrilled to see someone
standing in the aisles taking notes but not buying
anything.  To further complicate matters, while this
does get rough size measurements, it doesn't give me
any information as to how much the toys weigh

Finally, to the point:  I'm sure that a good many of
the list members or your children own radio-controlled
toys (what better way to spark their interest/acquire
new mobility bases, right?).  I would like to ask for
your cooperation in gathering info on the dimensions,
weight, any notes regarding make/model, approximate
speed, steering type, etc.

I hope to gather enough information to fine-tune the
size and weight classifications, so that we can more
evenly match the competitors.  In order to avoid
cluttering up the mailing list, please feel free to
send your replies directly to me at this address:
KC5UGQ at yahoo.com

Thanks for your cooperation!

-- Patrick
   Frederick, MD

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