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[DPRG] Speech Recognition ASIC Chip Solution for Robots

Subject: [DPRG] Speech Recognition ASIC Chip Solution for Robots
From: 김영선 jkim at paxvr.com
Date: Mon Jun 18 03:40:29 CDT 2001

Dear Members  ;

One Chip Solution -- Speaker Independent Continuous Speech Recognition !! Stand-Alone(Not Embedded) for Robots!!

We are very pleased to introduce our company and technologies to you. We, PAXVR, Inc. specialize in R&D of Real Interactive Virtual Reality technology and products. You may visit our homepage and get all the brief information there.

We think that especially our speaker independent continuous speech recognition ASIC chip solution will be helpful to your business fields, especially for ‘Human-Robot Interactive Voice Control System.

Our voice recognition ASIC Chip solution features its function of speaker-independent continuous speech recognition and stand-alone type(operated without software), which is far more advanced than DSP solution. If you are interested, I will send you the detailed files for your understanding.

We are sure that our voice recognition technology will make your robots be born again as the world best.

Our contact points are as follows :
Tel : (82-2)3474-8288    Fax : (82-2)3474-8638
Homepage : www.paxvr.com
Contact Person : Joseph Kim - Marketing Manager(e-mail : jkim at paxvr.com)

Upon your response, we will send you our detailed introduction kits immediately.

Looking forward to your favorable response soon.


Joseph Kim - Marketing Manager
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