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[DPRG] Fall Roborama

Subject: [DPRG] Fall Roborama
From: Kipton Moravec kip at kdream.com
Date: Tue Jun 19 15:25:19 CDT 2001

There is talk of adding a "sticks" event for walkers only, but I don't think
the rules are finalized yet.

(I think Eric was working on it.)

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> Hello Raymond and Harrison,
> In reply, there are no anticipated changed for the Roborama B robot
> contest this September.
> We presently run(ran) these contest
> Feb Tabletop Robotics (TTR) Contest
> March Firfighting SW Regional trails (I think it's March)
> April Roborama A (Moved from March due to Other contest conflict)
> June Tabletop Robotics (TTR) Contest
> September Roborama B
> October Tabletop Robotics (TTR) Contest
> [Corrections are welcome. My memory is marginal:-o]
> I look forward to seeing you and Harrison compete.
> Take a look here for the rules
>   http://www.dprg.org/dprg_contests.html
> Regards,
> Robert L. Jordan
> DPRG Prez. 2001
> www.dprg.org
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