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[DPRG] HELP with 68HC11 stack problem

Subject: [DPRG] HELP with 68HC11 stack problem
From: Alan Kilian kilian at mail.ahc.umn.edu
Date: Wed Jun 20 15:41:08 CDT 2001

> From: Clay Timmons <ctimmons at cadence.com>
> When I cange the code to LDS #0x4000 to initalize the stack pointer
> to external RAM  I have a problem.   On powerup nothing happens


    When I look at NMI's sample code, I see:

    LDS  #$DFFF

    Make sure that there is actual RAM at 0x4000

    And since the stack grows towards address 0, setting the
    stack to 0x4000 instead of 0x3FFF is a bit curious.

    Let us know what you learn,


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