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[DPRG] Looking for DC-DC converter

Subject: [DPRG] Looking for DC-DC converter
From: Sluggy slugmusk at linuxlegend.com
Date: Fri Jun 22 12:46:19 CDT 2001

Clay Timmons wrote:
> I'm working on a CNC controller project and
> I could really use a little DC-DC converter.
> Needs to take in high DC voltage  around 40v
> and put out 5v.   Only need about 300ma.

Off the top of my head, it seems that DC-DC converter modules are a
little pricey for what you describe, but it is true that most simple
three-terminal voltage regulators run really hot at high input voltages
and most list 30V as maximum input voltage.

Digi-Key (800-DIGI-KEY) lists a few units from PowerOne. One in
particular sounds like what you need, 5V @ 1A output, 20-60VDC input for
$61.00 (Digi-Key part number 179-1008-ND; manufacturer part number

Checking my Allied Electronics (800-433-5700)catalog reveals many more
options. The biggest differences between them all is the packaging.

Astec AA05A-048L-050S (Allied 939-0019) 20-72 in 5V @ 0.75A out $57.50
Astec AA05E-048L-050S (Allied 939-0440) 36-75 in 5V @ 1A out $46.97
Astec AA10B-046L-050S (Allied 939-0051) 18-75 in 5V @ 2A out $63.00
Cosel USA ZTS1R54805 (Allied 800-2645) 36-72 in 5V @ 0.3A out $18.28
Cosel USA ZTS1R34805 (Allied 800-2645) 36-72 in 5V @ 0.6A out $22.29
Cosel USA ZS1R54805 (Allied 800-1980) 35-63 in 5V @ 0.25A out $24.57
Cosel USA   ZS34805 (Allied 800-2040) 35-63 in 5V @ 0.5A  out $30.11
Cosel USA ZUS1R54805 (Allied 800-3045) 36-72 in 5V @ 0.3A out $15.82
Cosel USA   ZUS34805 (Allied 800-3105) 36-72 in 5V @ 0.6A out $19.34
Cosel USA   ZUS64805 (Allied 800-3165) 36-72 in 5V @ 1.2A out $27.47
Lambda PP1R5-48-5 (Allied 831-7980) 32-63 in 5V @ 0.3A out $26.61
Lambda PP3-48-5   (Allied 831-7985) 32-63 in 5V @ 0.6A out $32.52

There are many others, but at higher wattages (2A or more) and/or
multiple outputs.

Just for the fun of it, the biggest one I could find in that
input/output range were several 150W units (5V @ 30A), though there are
300 watt units with higher output voltages. Astec apparently
manufactures 1200W units, but there were none in the catalog.

Hope this helps,


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