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[DPRG] Re: 68HC11 stack problem resolved

Subject: [DPRG] Re: 68HC11 stack problem resolved
From: Mike McCarty jmccarty at ssd.usa.alcatel.com
Date: Fri Jun 22 13:08:00 CDT 2001

On Thu, 21 Jun 2001, David P. Anderson wrote:

> Howdy DPRG,
> Mike McCarty wrote:
> > I think nearly everyone has used that technique at some time. I usually
> > use $DEADBABE to fill memory, though!
> That's hilarious!  What a hoot!!!!
> > It is more arduous though more reliable to trace through the code and
> > see how deeply one can go.
> True.  Dan's comment about rare interrupt events, who's timing is hard
> to predict, especially for multiple nested interrupts, makes this
> especially tough.  "Worst case" scenarios might in fact never happen.

I don't think so. One goes through each interrupt handler and sees how
much of the stack it can use. Then one builds a tree of which interrupt
handlers can possibly be invoked at the same time. Then add up the
deepest tree.

> Or only at contest time!  "Hmmmm... it's never done that before..."

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