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[DPRG] Looking for DC-DC converter

Subject: [DPRG] Looking for DC-DC converter
From: Jeff Koenig jkoenig at airmail.net
Date: Fri Jun 22 18:56:08 CDT 2001


I've used lots of these.

If you only need one, I can probably donate one to you.
If this is for a product, I'd check out Volgen and Datel.
Both companies make a little (1" x 2") model that
would work perfectly.  In low quantity, they are about
$28 @.

I've got thousands of these in service at RBOCs all over,
and I see very few of them back.


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>From: Clay Timmons <ctimmons at cadence.com>
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Date: Friday, June 22, 2001 11:39 AM
Subject: [DPRG] Looking for DC-DC converter

>I'm working on a CNC controller project and
>I could really use a little DC-DC converter.
>Needs to take in high DC voltage  around 40v
>and put out 5v.   Only need about 300ma.
>Anyone know of anything like this?
>-Clay Timmons-
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