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[DPRG] 38 Khz I/R Detectors

Subject: [DPRG] 38 Khz I/R Detectors
From: Rodent daweasel at swbell.net
Date: Sat Jun 23 10:21:15 CDT 2001

Ralph is correct -- the only Panasonic stuff Mouser now sells is batteries.
All of their sensors are Fairchild, and it does not look like they make a
similar product, although I did not pull up a spec sheet and check.

The Panasonic unit is the same sensor Parallax sells for their stuff. They
get $2.60 each, less our discount. I did a quick search and found that
Reynolds Electronics sells them for $2.00 each -- unfortunately, the
shipping and handling for 10 of these, plus 20 I/R LEDs was $10 for priority
mail. Don't think Reynolds will get any more of my business.

I played with the sensor at the shop the other day, and it looks pretty
cool -- nothing except modulated I/R seems to affect it. All I have to do
now is come up with something to modulate and switch a couple of I/R LED's
and I'm on my way. Looks like I'll need more power than one BS1 can offer
though -- can you say dual-processor sumo?

You guys need to get on the stick and build some sumo bots -- a couple of
servos, a few sensors and a Basic Stamp makes a fairly decent package. Ron
and I got one built in about 6 hours. I've got everything on mine except the
sensors and I'm only tipping the scale at 240 grams, assuming the wife's
dusty and unused Weight-Watcher scale is accurate. So far the package is a
little under 4 x 4 x 2.5".

I'll even offer some free shop time and materials if someone wants to take a
stab at it. I've got plenty of metal and plastic and small hardware

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> My Mouser catalog shows very few sensors; no Panasonic products.

> > Max. range I use is about 18". Past that it is not
> > real predictable, but that is using a small size IR LED.
> > Using a larger IR LED or several would extend the range.

> > What kind of range can you get out of it?

> > > I like the Panasonic 4602 (Mouser or Digikey for $1.25 each or less.)
> > > It gives a low when it detects IR light that is modulated around 38K
> > > to 40 Khz. 3 pin package on 1/10" spacing.
> >
> > > > Anyone got a preferred part they can recommend for I/R object
> > > detection?
> > > > Prefer something with minimal external circuitry if possible, other
> > > than the
> > > > oscillator for the emitters.

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