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[DPRG] increased output drive by CMOS and TTL devices

Subject: [DPRG] increased output drive by CMOS and TTL devices
From: Sluggy! slugmusk at linuxlegend.com
Date: Mon Jun 25 22:07:23 CDT 2001

Ben Strednak wrote:

> According to Forrest Mims, in his Engineer's Notebook, you can tie together the 

> outputs of a CMOS IC to increase the amount of current the IC can source and sink.

> For example, Mims uses a 4011 (quad nand gate), and connects all of the inputs of

> two gates to one another.  He then connects the two outputs to each other.  Can 

> you do the same thing with TTL ICs and get the same effect?  

> More specifically, a 74LS04?

I'm guessing that you want to drive a motor or solenoid from the  gate 
chip. This is possible, but there are better solutions.

My favorite is the Texas Instruments SN754410. This chip can be thought 
of as sort of a high-current 7404 for most applications. The ULN200x 
chips are also similar in function.



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