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[DPRG] trouble programming EEPROM

Subject: [DPRG] trouble programming EEPROM
From: Elliot Johnson elliotjo at yahoo.com
Date: Mon Jun 25 23:26:16 CDT 2001

I recently started using a 68hc11E2 after using an 'A1 for a while and
have run into some trouble programming the onboard EEPROM.  pcbug11
connects without trouble, then I define the EEPROM address as f800-ffff
and clear the block protection bits.  Then the eeprom behaves
strangely.   If I try to erase the eeprom, most of the memory is
properly erased to FF, but there are also lots of FE's scattered in
there.  Each time I do the erase command, different ones are written as
FE instead of FF, there doesn't seem to be any pattern.
    Also, If I repeatedly read a large block of the eeprom, each time
its read, some that read FE before, suddenly read FF.  This doesn't just
happen when the data has been erased.  If a s19 file is loaded, the data
also gets randomly corrupted.   Any suggestions?


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