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[DPRG] will this do it?

Subject: [DPRG] will this do it?
From: Ben Strednak Ben.Strednak at UTSouthwestern.edu
Date: Tue Jun 26 12:24:51 CDT 2001

Alright.  Now I've got it.  Thanks so much for the help!  Off to breadboard.


>>> Rodent <daweasel at swbell.net> 06/26/01 12:04PM >>>
Um, you got things backwards.

The emitter (the arrow leg) goes directly to ground, and the collector (the
non-arrow leg) goes to on end of the relay coil -- the other end of the
relay coil then goes to +5. You also need a small diode across the relay
coil with the arrow pointing towards +5.

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Subject: [DPRG] will this do it?

The Pn2222 that was mentioned crossed to NTE123AP (url below).  Could the
attached (very umm professional) schematic do the trick, as long as I add
the necessary diode?

Is anyone else getting any use out of this discussion (I hope!) ?  Is the
topic relevant enough?



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