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[DPRG] Solar concentrator discussion at RPL

Subject: [DPRG] Solar concentrator discussion at RPL
From: Jeff Koenig jkoenig at airmail.net
Date: Fri Jun 29 19:09:24 CDT 2001

Drat, I missed RPL.

When I was in the 7th grade, a friend of mine built a 4' x 4' solar furnace
of plywood and fiberboard for a school project.

It had aluminum-foil covered gores, like you find on a classroom globe,
formed into a parabolic-ish dish.

It was a lot of fun.  It would catch wood on fire instantly, and burned a
piece of
bacon into carbon.

I like the ideas on the website Kip found - Now, who wants to build a "solar
sundial" that burns lines onto some recording media?  I think
has one.


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Subject: Re: [DPRG] Solar concentrator discussion at RPL

>If you look enough you will find it.  Here is the "INFINITELY LARGE SOLAR
>FURNACE".  It is very easy to build.  Much easier than we discussed at
>Here was the result from one guy with a 4' x 4' system with 1440 mirrors.
>The result was approximately 1000 watts of solar influx concentrated on an
>area the size of a silver dollar. Wood ignited with an audible "pop" the
>instant it entered the focal point. Toast burns instantly. Aluminum melts
>after 15 seconds. Half inch copper tubing deforms under it's own weight
>after 20 seconds. Steel glows red in about the same time. The temptation
>for onlookers to stick their hand in front of the furnace is strong, so I
>keep a cardboard box handy to demonstrate what will happen to them if they
>....All this was accomplished with less than a $100 investment in
>materials. ....
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>Subject: [DPRG] Solar concentrator discussion at RPL
>> Today we had a discussion about solar energy concentration at lunch.  I
>> started searching the web today and found some interesting stuff.
>> A home made system.
>> http://www.harbornet.com/sunflower/
>> http://www.harbornet.com/sunflower/pvdish.html
>> Government site:
>> http://www.eren.doe.gov/csp/
>> http://www.energylan.sandia.gov/sunlab/documents.htm
>> >From this you can generate steam then use a steam engine
>> http://www.tinypower.com/marine.htm
>> Now I have to find the electrical generator that the steam engine turns.
>> Any ideas?  I am shooting for about 4 kW.  I have been unlucky so far on
>> web search.
>> Kip
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