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[DPRG] Pic 877 prigramming

Subject: [DPRG] Pic 877 prigramming
From: The Johnson's sja505 at swbell.net
Date: Mon Nov 5 19:09:49 CST 2001

Try tying RB3/PGM to ground (pin 24).  After you burn the first time in this manner, you should be ok from now on.  The 877 ships with low voltage programming enabled. (or is it disabled?)
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  Subject: [DPRG] Pic 877 prigramming

  I am trying to get a Pic 16F877 to program in circuit.

  I have tried different PC's and different boards.

  I have tried the circuit and software from both EDTP.com(ethernet 
  system board) and the 2bit programmer from http://www.emicros.com/ but 
  can't get either to work. 
  Both act like they are programming, but then 
  read back the data in the pic as all FF's. 

  How have others done this?
  What software do you use?
  What schematic did you use as a model?

  This is driving me nuts.  :)


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