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[DPRG] Contests for next year, and other stuff from the meeting Saturday

Subject: [DPRG] Contests for next year, and other stuff from the meeting Saturday
From: David Peterson robologist at yahoo.com
Date: Wed Nov 14 05:24:27 CST 2001

The proposed contest calender looks great, I've been trying to figure out a
good quadruped walker for Sticks and have a good possibility for a
micromouse (Tabletop contest size) though no clue about maze solving
algorithms.  The April Roborama could be difficult to place, lots of
contests held in different areas in the April-May timeslot.
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Subject: [DPRG] Contests for next year, and other stuff from the meeting

> No one posted what happened at the meeting on Saturday.  Here is my take.
> There were a few decisions made.  We approved a schedule of contests and
> agreed to have a Micromouse contest and approved funds for a Micromouse
> course.
> The contest schedule for 2002 is as follows.
> January - (potential Sticks if there is interest.)
> February - Fire Fighting
> March - MicroMouse A
> April - Roborama A 2002 (Not on 21 April)
> May - Table Top Robotics A
> June - (potential Sticks if there is interest.)
> July - (Club party?)
> August - MicroMouse B
> September - Roborama B 2002
> October - Table Top Robotics A
> November - Talent Show
> December - (Election of officers)
> The things in parentheses are not fixed, just potential.
> For sticks there has to be a group of people willing to make it happen.  I
> know Eric Yundt is leading a contest committee, and if it is going to
> it is up to them.
> I believe the Fire Fighting, Roborama A and Roborama B should be at the
> Science Place.  We need to secure dates at the Science Place for these
> events.  I think Bob Jordan has done this in the past and knows who to
> contact.
> I don't think Micromouse should be at the Science Place until we get at
> least 7 contestants.
> -----------------------
> We have approval for funding for a MicroMouse Course.  We will build it to
> exact MicroMouse specifications.  The rules are very standard, as this is
> one of the oldest robot competitions.
> The APEX meeting in Dallas on March 10-14 will have a Micromouse
> on March 11 at 8:00 p.m. which we can enter.
> http://www.apec-conf.org/2002/APEC02_Home_Page.html  The rules are the
> but they have modified the scoring, (touch penalty is 3 seconds as opposed
> to 10 seconds) and the total time is 10 minutes instead of 15 minutes on
> course.  We want to have our event before this so we can make a good
> there.  Currently our meeting is scheduled for the Saturday before the
> competition.
> There is a bunch of stuff on the web about MicroMouse.  Do a search on any
> search engine for "Micromouse".
> The hardest thing is the maze solving algorithm.  I have been reading up
> algorithms and I think I can make a presentation on one of the simpler
> algorithms for the December meeting.  If people are interested in hearing
> about it.
> Kip
> P.S. We also nominated officers for next year.  The nominations are still
> open, and will be until the election at the December meeting.
> Current Nominees:
> President
>          Ed Okerson
> Vice-President
>         Jeff Koning
>         Dennis Draham
> Secretary
>        John Caldwell
> Treasurer
>       Clay Timmons
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