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[DPRG] Getting Into PICs

Subject: [DPRG] Getting Into PICs
From: Randy Carter rwcarter at foxinternet.net
Date: Thu Nov 15 11:01:44 CST 2001

There is a cheaper alternative.  The EPIC programer from
http://www.melabs.com is only $60 and programs all but
oldest PICs.  If you have some electronics expertise you can
even arrange to program the PICs in circuit (don't buy their
over priced adapters).

Mike McCarty wrote:
> On Thu, 15 Nov 2001, Dan Creagan wrote:
> > IF you want to be reasonably serious, get a PicStart Plus programmer from
> > Microchip, get the book Easy Pic'n by Benson (http://www.amazon.com), buy a
> > couple of 16F84's, a couple of crystals (10 MHz for both) and take a weekend
> > to learn assembler.  It isn't too bad if you really want to do it ... those
> > who complain about Harvard architecture probably haven't looked at it for
> > longer than a heartbeat... there are only a couple dozen instructions (+) so
> > it isn't rocket science.
> [snip]
> The people I know who hate the PIC don't do so because it is Harvard
> architecture. The Intel 8031 is also Harvard architecture, but some of
> those who have abandoned the PIC went to the 8031. The PIC has a bizarre
> assembly language and architecture. Or should I say architectures?
> Mike
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