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[DPRG] SMU RC Car Competition

Subject: [DPRG] SMU RC Car Competition
From: Judah Epstein webmaster at epsteon.com
Date: Mon Nov 19 16:58:17 CST 2001

My name is Judah Epstein and I have attended some meetings in the past but unfortunately I haven't been able to attend recently as I do not have a car.  Anyways, Mike Christoffel and I (president of SMU ASME and SMU IEEE) are currently planning an RC Car competition at Southern Methodist University on Feb 17th (National Engineers' Week).  It will be open to all SMU undergraduate students.  Since this is the first time this has been held, we only want to have it open to SMU undergrads - if this year is a success we may open up the competition to a broader range.  We plan on having the opening day Jan 27 and having two workshops  on Feb 3 and 10. The actual competition will be held Sunday, February 17th.  We will probably provide each team with a PIC microcontroller (they can program it in SMU's robot lab),  RF transmitter and receiver (so we can make sure there are not interference problems), and a budget for the rest of the supplies they need.  We are currently seeking out industry sponsors to pay for supplies.
If anyone wants to actively help and be on our organizing committee or help by being a judge or by helping at a workshop, please email me.
I also need help with the following -so if you have input, please email me.
what type of RF transmitters and receivers we should supply (preferably ones that are cheap and have multiple switchable frequencie channels).
input on scoring.
ideas for the types of competition for the cars.
ideas on the course for the competition.
places where the students can purchase materials.
or any other ideas you may have pertaining to the event.

Thanks a lot for the help,
Judah Epstein
Chairman SMU IEEE Branch
jepstein at mail.smu.edu

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