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[DPRG] Dreamcast robot?

Subject: [DPRG] Dreamcast robot?
From: John Mitchell johnlmitchell at hotmail.com
Date: Fri Nov 23 19:16:13 CST 2001

The Dreamcast game console has been discontinued, and is now available for
$50.  More importantly, the little save-game module, the VMU, is now only
$10 (at toysrus).  This device has six buttons, a tiny LCD, a bunch of
memory, and a 8-bit CPU!  It's *substantially* smarter than a PIC: 7
interrupt sources, 128 level stack, 168 bytes of RAM, two timer/counters.

Since it's part of a aged and well-hacked piece of consumer electronics,
there's a thriving 3rd-party development community, use Google, but here's
the PDF of the CPU: http://www.maushammer.com/LC86104C_1-67_67.pdf

have fun!

- j

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