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[DPRG] Next meeting goodies

Subject: [DPRG] Next meeting goodies
From: David M. ElectroTX at webtv.net
Date: Sun Nov 25 09:29:56 CST 2001

Hi gang!

I now have the disposable cameras that Clay and someone else (remind me
please) ordered, and will bring to the next meeting I attend (hopefully

I will also be bringing my collection of newish Meccano and older
Erector Set parts and kits, for sale or trade to whoever's interested,
with first dibs going to that guy who talked Erector sets with me last

Lastly, I have TAB Books #1241 "How To Build Your Own Self-Programming
Robot" (c) 1979 by David L. Heiserman. The robot described and built
therein (Rodney) is based on an Intel 8085. Considering the previous
water damage (just a little warped) I will let it go for $3.00, if
anyone is interested.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Holidays,
aka Another David

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