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[DPRG] GCC 6811

Subject: [DPRG] GCC 6811
From: Ed Okerson eokerson at fw.telenic.net
Date: Sun Nov 25 10:18:29 CST 2001

Well after several days of playing and tweaking, I finally have the latest
GCC with 68HC11 support (2.95.3) working with my Handyboard!  Not only that,
but I tracked down the last guy who was working on porting the ICC
Handyboard libraries to GCC and now have those working as well.  For those
who are interested there is a mailing list for the GCC on the 68HC11 at
yahoo groups:

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and the port of the Handyboard library can be found at :

http://www.csgeeks.org/~stock/ and check out the Handyboard link down at the
bottom of the page.

I didn't see the encoder functions, so I guess I will have to get busy and
port those myself so I can get down to some serious robot hacking!

Ed Okerson

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