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[DPRG] GCC 6811

Subject: [DPRG] GCC 6811
From: David Peterson robologist at yahoo.com
Date: Sun Nov 25 11:29:37 CST 2001

Hey Ed,
  I remember you using mouse encoders on one robot, and also trying to work
with some high cpr HP encoders. What things have you discovered in working
with the different types? Like what hardware have you tried, how well did it
work, try the US Digital chips? How your code works?  I'm trying to
translate some things to perhaps use on different chips for getting,
keeping, and using encoder counts also.

David P
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> I didn't see the encoder functions, so I guess I will have to get busy and
> port those myself so I can get down to some serious robot hacking!
> Ed Okerson
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