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[DPRG] Robotics Chat Room

Subject: [DPRG] Robotics Chat Room
From: Dals68Kiwi at aol.com Dals68Kiwi at aol.com
Date: Tue Nov 27 18:38:18 CST 2001

I looked around and didn't see much in the way of places for live interaction 
in the robotics fields. So for the convenience I have created a chat-room for 
anyone that wants to discuss "real time" the pros and cons of stamps, 
h-bridges etc.

Please feel free to join in. There are two ways to join.
If you have mIRC just type /server irc.othernet.org then /join #Robots
If you want to enter via Java (browser based) window then visit the link 


I also encourage the discussion of neural networks (cause you know I like 

Kiwi at Pitstock.com

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