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[DPRG] messages duplicated

Subject: [DPRG] messages duplicated
From: D. Daniel McGlothin ddm_dprg at yahoo.com
Date: Wed Nov 28 09:39:11 CST 2001


Is your e-mail address specified in one of the address lines (To:, CC,
etc.), in addition to the list's?

If so, then you are getting a message copy sent directly to you, as well as
a message copy sent to you via the list.  If this is the case, the message
via the list has a footer (the list info) that is not on the direct copy,
and that one is the message that is the "larger".

This can happen when a "reply all" is used to respond; when I "reply all", I
edit the addressee lists to suit me, as the list as well as the
correspondent's e-mail name get on the address list.


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> Subject: [DPRG] messages duplicated
> In the past coulple of days, I've been getting copies of some (not all)
> messages. The second copy is invariably about 40 per cent larger, but with
> nothing visible on-screen when I open the second message. Any ideas?
> Ralph
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