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[DPRG] Did anyone tape HAL's legacy last night?

Subject: [DPRG] Did anyone tape HAL's legacy last night?
From: Karim Virani karim at yadallas.org
Date: Wed Nov 28 14:18:35 CST 2001

I watched it and got most of it (except intro) on VHS.  I live in north
Dallas, you can pickup the tape or I could bring it to the next meeting.  I
found it quite entertaining.

The show presented HAL's characteristics and how they managed to portend or
miscalculate the direction of AI if not the actual accomplishments by the
year 2001.  It showed the (near) state of the art in the various fields of
AI, mostly from the point of view of MIT AI labs.  The fields they looked at
included vision, speech (in and out), "common sense", environmental
manipulation, problem solving (chess as a limited domain vs. unlimited
domains) and human interaction.  It included short interviews with many of
the heavyweights in the field including Brooks, Minsky, Dennett and others.

It was a nice overview of many of the things that members of this list are
probably interested in, but could not go into the kind of depth that would
be directly helpful to us.  In my case, it helped my wife understand a
little bit more about where my interests lie.


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Subject: [DPRG] Did anyone tape HAL's legacy last night?

Argh!  I just realized I forgot to tape the PBS show HAL's Legacy
about AI on TV last night.

Did anyone tape this?

Did anyone watch it?  How was it?


-Clay Timmons-

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