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[DPRG] Found a great deal on pc board drill bits

Subject: [DPRG] Found a great deal on pc board drill bits
From: Rodent daweasel at swbell.net
Date: Wed Oct 3 23:09:40 CDT 2001

You can get those almost anywhere, even gun shows. $13 seems to be the going
price. Our local place is Harbor Freight. Most board shops toss them when
they get worn down so far -- they are still good but the diameter is wrong.

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> I stopped by the Grizzly Tool showroom in Springfield (Missouri) yesterday
> (www.grizzley.com ).  They have a 50 piece set of small carbide drill bits
> for $12.95.  The model number is G7950.  It's an assortment of resharpend
> bits.  The set I got ranged in size from 0.0120" to 0.1260", there were
> two scribes and four router bits.

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