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[DPRG] Scrounging for surface mount parts

Subject: [DPRG] Scrounging for surface mount parts
From: Rodent daweasel at swbell.net
Date: Sat Oct 6 22:52:20 CDT 2001

I was thinking one of the methods for removing SMT IC's was to use a piece
of guitar string under the pins.

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> I've been saving some old circuit boards hoping to scrounge some parts off
> of them to experiment with, like a few resistors and caps for encoder
> boards.  Due to lack of proper equipment for working with SMT, and  the
> that I'm cheap, I thought I would try to use a heat gun to reflow the
> and then pick the parts off with a small pair of pliers.  This basically
> stunk, both literally and figuratively,  it's just as easy to use a small
> tipped soldering iron to heat them and pop them off with tweezers.  BUT!
> just so happens that this is a great way to remove surface mount chips!
> Heat the board directly behind the chip for 10-15 seconds, heat gun about
> 3/4 inch away from board, and then give the board a tap on the table and
> chip falls off.  YMMV.

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