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[DPRG] Who wants to give a lecture II

Subject: [DPRG] Who wants to give a lecture II
From: Michael Giambalvo heathkit at utdallas.edu
Date: Tue Oct 9 02:39:04 CDT 2001

Hi everyone,
   Well, it's the chair of your neighborhood ACM at UTD again.  First of
all, thanks so much for all the support I received at the last meeting.  You
guys really made me feel welcome.

   We've had a couple lectures now, and I'd say we can reliably bring in
about 30-40 people, maybe more.  We've got a large conference room reserved
October the 23rd at 8:00pm, and a smaller classroom set up for the 30th at
the same time.  I would prefer to get all the DPRG people that would like to
speak for us to come the 23rd.

   I know some of you have already agreed to come speak, so I'd just like to
verify that the 23rd is a good date for the majority of people who want to
do this.  Everyone in the DPRG who wants to is welcome to come and speak
(although we only have the room for an hour and a half, so time is a bit of
an issue ;)  Please bring some robots to demonstrate.

   The goal of the meeting is to introduce UTD students to the DPRG, and
develop an interest in robotics.  This is the meeting that I'll be using to
try to finally get a competition robotics club started.  With any luck, you
guys will have some UTD students in the next Roborama, and we'll have a UTD
entry in the Trinity Firefighting contest.

   So, if you'd like to speak just email me (heathkit at utdallas.edu), tell me
what you'd like to talk about, about how long you'd like, and whether or not
you'll be demonstrating a robot.  We'll have an LCD projector ready if you
need it.

   Thanks again.

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