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Subject: [DPRG] Re: H Bridges
From: David Peterson robologist at yahoo.com
Date: Fri Oct 12 13:28:22 CDT 2001

John, that 2.8 amps your getting sounds a bit beyond the specs posted by Pittman and also by David Andersons testing.  I've got 4, but haven't run the tests yet. My intended use will be to drive a pair of motors with a TI 754410 h-bridge which will handle 1.1 A per side and has thermal shutdown if it gets to stall too much. These motors might draw higher current at stall at a lower voltage than the 19.1 V they are specced for, but they should run fine with this small h-bridge. I will probably use a RC to PWM conversion board that has 2 of the 754410s in circuit. Larry Barello makes this and gives info at http://www.barello.net/AvrProjects/4_channel_rc_pwm/ .
I've used this successfully on motors that stall at 2.8 A from a 9.6 volt source with no problems. The only time to really worry about the stall current is if your robot gets stuck, which mine has, and had no problems.
David P

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  Subject: [DPRG] Re: H Bridges

  I have two of the Pittman GM8712 motors that Tanners was selling.  They draw about 2.8 amps.   I want to run them with either a BS2 or HC11. 
  The Robot Store has a Maxi Dual H-bridge for up to 40 volts and 10 amps (pg 41).  Would this be suitable?   I assume I'll need the Serial Motor Interface Kit and a heat sink. 

  These are kits.  Are there any good, assembled H-bridges? 

  John Caldwell 

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