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[DPRG] Cheapy oscilloscope?

Subject: [DPRG] Cheapy oscilloscope?
From: Rodent daweasel at swbell.net
Date: Mon Oct 15 19:59:21 CDT 2001

You must have just read the Nuts & Volts article -- I haven't quite finished
it yet. It looks like a good deal, but its pretty worthless without the
software. And I suspect the software is not part of the instrument price.

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>   Any ideas or comments about the Probescope at
> http://www.wittig-technologies.com/ , called the osziFox on
> their site? I've been wanting an oscilloscope for a while,
> and this isn't some superduper HP or Tec machine, but it is
> a 20 Mhz (possibly good for up to 10 Mhz signals estimating
> from Nyquist), can do some storage functions, and is (best
> of all) cheap. Think this would be adequate for most robot
> debugging applications? There's an article about it in
> October's Nuts & Volts, that does talk about some of it's
> limitations (max DC is 42 volts but ranges are 1,10,100
> volts, possibly good to only 5 Mhz). Only thing I can think
> of it not measuring is some MCU clock frequencies of 10 MHz
> and better. Opinions?

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