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[DPRG] Skid(s) or Castor?

Subject: [DPRG] Skid(s) or Castor?
From: Karim Virani karim at yadallas.org
Date: Wed Oct 17 15:24:38 CDT 2001

For skids, try the telfon furniture mover pads available at your local home

For kicks, how about a hoverpad?  Especially good for those who love to
watch batteries charging, but definitely an 11 on the coolness dial.  I can
envision a prototype built from a cpu fan, a toiletpaper roll, a perforated
leather hackysac cover, and, of course, duct tape.

Rube Goldberg Fanclub (no puns intended)

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Subject: [DPRG] Skid(s) or Castor?


I've had a leisurely debate echoing in my head of late about the
merits of a castor tail-dragger wheel versus a skid or skid-plate
on the back of a small-to-middlin' 2-wheeled roller -- kind of
like a fire-fighting size chariot with 4" wheels.

        |----- 10" ----|               |----- 10" ----|
                _---_                          _---_
        =======/=====\==               =======/=====\==
        |      |  o  |        vs.      |      |  o  |
        =======\=====/==               =======\=====/==
       ()       `---'                 _/       `---'

Anyone have skid/castor experience (pro or con) they'd care to share?

Favorable traits I'm looking for are:

	ease of manufacturing (will be making many)
	robustness in typical hobby Robot environment (huh?!?)  ;-)
	cool factor
	cost of manufacturing
	minimum introduction of odometry error

Por su atencion, gracias...


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