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[DPRG] Skid(s) or Castor?

Subject: [DPRG] Skid(s) or Castor?
From: Rodent daweasel at swbell.net
Date: Wed Oct 17 16:44:57 CDT 2001

I was looking around at various things and ran across a hovercraft kit for
under $10. It was two motors, two props, the top of a large styrofoam to-go
container and a styrofoam cup. Batteries, etc.. were optional. Rather
interesting idea.

As far as a tail wheel:

Wheels will give you the least friction, but some furniture casters don't
change direction very well -- they tend to skid sideways a little bit before
they turn. The homemade airplane tail-wheel type casters are better, but you
have to buy the pieces or be handy to make one.

The ball transfer casters described previously are great, but can be hard to
find, especially the plastic ones. A skid is easy -- just make sure it
slides easily on whatever surface you use it on and that it doesn't leave

For simplicity, the BoEBot has a cool setup and is easy to do. Its a wheel
rolling forward or back, and a skid when turning.

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> For skids, try the telfon furniture mover pads available at your local
> center.
> For kicks, how about a hoverpad?  Especially good for those who love to
> watch batteries charging, but definitely an 11 on the coolness dial.  I
> envision a prototype built from a cpu fan, a toiletpaper roll, a
> leather hackysac cover, and, of course, duct tape.

> I've had a leisurely debate echoing in my head of late about the
> merits of a castor tail-dragger wheel versus a skid or skid-plate
> on the back of a small-to-middlin' 2-wheeled roller -- kind of
> like a fire-fighting size chariot with 4" wheels.

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