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[DPRG] Cowtown BEST event

Subject: [DPRG] Cowtown BEST event
From: Bob Houston rhouston at wf.net
Date: Sun Oct 21 20:57:46 CDT 2001

There will be another local competition in Denton next Saturday.  The one in
Denton should provide even more variety as there will be a total of 30ish
teams there as opposed to the 12 at Haltom.  I'm not attempting to belittle
the Haltom event at all, I am one of the teacher/sponsors from Haltom, but I
will be attending the Denton event.  While the BEST competition uses rc
machines it is still a great mechanical and engineering challenge for the
Bob Houston
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rhouston at wf.net

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Subject: [DPRG] Cowtown BEST event

> You guys missed a pretty interesting event the other day. I stopped by and
> watched about an hour of the Cowtown BEST competition at Haltom high
> Lots of different ideas on solving a pre-defined problem. You should try
> make the next competition.
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