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[DPRG] Cowtown BEST event

Subject: [DPRG] Cowtown BEST event
From: Bob Houston rhouston at wf.net
Date: Mon Oct 22 04:31:52 CDT 2001

David is right.  Someone should have posted more information about this
sooner, me.  The home web page for BEST is www.bestinc.org.  There are
multiple regional competitions within a short drive of the metroplex.
Cowtown BEST is the new kid on the block.  North Texas BEST in the Sherman
Area is one of the Original sites.  DC BEST (Denton County BEST) has been
around for about 7 - 10 years.  Dallas County BEST for about the same amount
of time.  All of these "hubs" are always looking for help in the form of
engineers to help kids with the engineering process and/or help run the
competition.  There is two aspects to each competition.  At each hub
competition there will be a winner of the game competition and a winner of
the engineering/design process.  Some teams choose to not participate in the
engineering/design portion.  Most kids think it is less fun.  From each hub
at least 2 teams will advance to the State Competition, Game winner and
Engineering/Design Winner.  The State championship will be in College
Station November 17th.  there will be about 50 teams there. While the kids
are at College Station they will hear an assortment of speakers and get to
take side trips to sites at A&M that would be of interest or value to kids
that have a strong math/science/engineering/technology interest.
     BEST stands for Boosting Engineering Science and Technology.
I will remember to post this next year when the "kick off" meetings begin
because 6 weeks prior to game day the kids and their sponsors do not know
what the challenge will be, nor do the know what materials they will be
allowed to use.  Visit www.bestinc.org for more complete details.
Bob Houston
1759 Cuba Road
Bridgeport, Texas 76426
rhouston at wf.net

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> Dude! Why didn't ya post something? Might have been pretty
> cool to watch, guess I need to watch for stuff like this
> more often.
> David P
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> > You guys missed a pretty interesting event the other day.
> I stopped by and
> > watched about an hour of the Cowtown BEST competition at
> Haltom high school.
> > Lots of different ideas on solving a pre-defined problem.
> You should try to
> > make the next competition.
> >
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