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[DPRG] Dallas BEST

Subject: [DPRG] Dallas BEST
From: Rodent daweasel at swbell.net
Date: Fri Oct 26 18:55:42 CDT 2001

I'll tell you what I read and what I saw:

The object is to build an R/C robot to remove the fuel rods from a nuclear
reactor and put them in a storage container. The robot runs on an overhead
rail and has some sort of arm that grabs the rods. One student runs the
robot via radio, the other guides him with hand signals. No other members of
the team may help. Up to 4 teams compete at once. Not sure how its scored,
but they get points for moving their rods and they take points away from the
other team by stealing their rods and dropping them on the floor.

There are some really smart kids building and operating these things, and
the audience really gets into it. The Denton event is supposed to have 30

Apparently they come up with a new contest every year?

Being a Cowtown native, I think I'd rather drive 50 miles to Denton than
deal with Dallas traffic.

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> My understanding is that the Dallas event does NOT have robots and the
> Denton event does have robots. I've spent several e-mail messages trying
> define the activities and to understand the BEST setup. Good Luck,
> whichever event you decide to attend.
> Ralph Tenny

> > I just found out that there is a Dallas BEST competition, also tomorrow:
> >
> > Game Day
> >    Date: Saturday, October 27, 2001
> >    Location: Loos Field House, 3815 Spring Valley (W. of Midway)
> >    map at
> >    Time: 8:45 PM to 4:30 PM (approx)
> > www.dallasbest.org
> >
> > Is there a particular reason to attend the Denton BEST over the Dallas
> > version?  Is the Denton Hub more established, or more competitive,
> > organized, or more audience friendly?  I did notice that there are 27
> > schools in Denton County Best vs. 24 in Dallas.

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