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[DPRG] Contests Overview (was Micromouse Maze Revisited)

Subject: [DPRG] Contests Overview (was Micromouse Maze Revisited)
From: Dan Miner miner at centtech.com
Date: Mon Oct 29 18:09:41 CST 2001

I like the contest list and agree that we (the whole DPRG)
need to decide *if* we will do Micromouse and when.

> From: Kipton Moravec
> I do not know if Micromouse is going to be popular enough for 
> two events per year, but I think it may cause outside people
> coming to enter our contests, which is good. Another thing
> we could consider is a line following maze like SRS on the
> same day.  And a third option is the Nanomouse competition,
> same thing as micromouse but only 2 silicon chips, and 
> smaller dimensions.

Wow!  I like the sounds of this since a robot that meets the
SRS line maze rules will also be small enough for Micromouse.
I have been planning on a single robot for both comps.
(I'm planning on using the Tamiya dual motor gear box.)

Where did you hear about the Nanomouse rules?  

A search of http://www.google.com led me to this:

Is this the one you saw?  I'd never seen this before today.  
Do sensors count as "silicon chips"?  For example, a photodiode 
is technically a small chip of silicon.  Would that count as one 
of the two allowed?

The Nanomouse contest *could* be combined with the table top
robotics comp or with the Micromouse comp. - when we're ready.
The walls are a little less than 2.5" apart.  That's a pretty
small mouse!

				- Dan Miner

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