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[DPRG] Wireless Ehternet (802.11 - Wi-Fi) for a robot

Subject: [DPRG] Wireless Ehternet (802.11 - Wi-Fi) for a robot
From: Ed Okerson eokerson at texasconnect.net
Date: Sun Dec 1 13:29:01 CST 2002


I am currently working on a robot that has 802.11b connectivity.  I am
going with the old laptop option, but rather than having another
controller to run the motors, I chose to use RTAI and Linux to run the
whole thing.  By using Linux I get great performance and lower memory
requrirements than other PC based OS's, as well as source code to
everything so I can optimize it however I want.  There are even open
source computer vision libraries that run on it:


By using RTAI you can generate stable PWM or servo pulses on output pins
on the parallel port, so there is little need for another controller
unless you simply need a lot more outputs.

Ed Okerson

Congrats on the new job!

On Sat, 30 Nov 2002, Jeffrey T. Birt wrote:

> Hello all,
>     Due to starting a great new job ( http://web.umr.edu/~isf/ ) a few
> weeks ago I've not had a great deal of time to work on robots at home.
> I'm dreaming up a project that I can work on at work tough!
>     A great deal of the equipment in our lab is already network
> connected and we have an Campus wide 802.11 network as well.  On one
> side of the lab there is a CIM cell with automated storage / retrieval ,
> CNC controlled mill and lathe etc.  (which does not all work together
> yet) On the other side is a another CIM cell mocking up an automated
> assembly system.
>     I thought it would be pretty slick to have the first cell machine
> parts and a robot transport the parts over to the other side for
> assembly.  Since most of the other equipment concerned is already
> networked it seems prudent to take advantage of the existing 802.11
> network for the bot.
>     I've been searching for a 802.11 capable SBC or some sort of a
> serial to 802.11 device.  I've come up with the following so far.
> http://www.atoptechnologies.com/gw21w.htm
> http://www.embeddedx86.com/epc/ts5500-spec.php
>     Another option would be to get a older laptop that will take a
> PCMCIA card and use it for doing 'soft' real time and communications and
> use a separate SBC for the 'hard' real time of motor control sensors
> etc.
>     I'm fishing for suggestions or ideas.  Has anyone built there one
> wireless Ethernet bot yet?
> Jeff Birt
> Halfway, Missouri
> (soon to be Rolla, Missouri the commute is a killer)

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