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[DPRG] Yet another mini dual motor IR car

Subject: [DPRG] Yet another mini dual motor IR car
From: Dave Ackley dackley at gte.net
Date: Tue Dec 3 17:31:01 CST 2002

For those interested in another mini dual motor IR car, NIKKO makes one called an IRC which Fry's was selling for $29.95.  From what I've seen on the web, the NIKKO IRC is about the smallest one out there. Its about 45mm long, 33mm wide, 27mm tall, with a 21mm wheel base.  The cars are hard wired to one of five channels and the controller has a switch to select the appropriate channel.  It looks very similar to, but a bit smaller than the one shown on the IBOT http://www.irbot.com/USen/index.jsp web site.

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