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[DPRG] Fw: Cruise control on wet roads (fwd)

Subject: [DPRG] Fw: Cruise control on wet roads (fwd)
From: rten at new.metronet.com rten at new.metronet.com
Date: Wed Dec 4 00:13:01 CST 2002

Off-topic but important. On front wheel drive cars, you lose steering and
traction at the same time. When it happened to me I was lucky -- I was
startled and let up. The car slowed and the wheels broke through the water
so I regained control.

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Subject: Fw: Cruise control on wet roads

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Subject: Cruise control on wet roads

>     This was passed on to me by a friend - I wanted to share this with you just in case you
> didn't know this fact.
>     I had a wreck a couple of weeks ago and totaled our Lincoln Town Car. I hydroplaned on Hwy
> 135 between Gladewater & Kilgore, Texas. I was not hurt, just emotionally rattled! I know the
> Lord was with me.
>     I learned a lesson I'd like to pass on to you. You may know this already--but the highway
> patrolman told me that you should NEVER drive in the rain with your cruise control on. He said
> if you did and hydroplaned (which I did) that when your tires were off the road your car would
> accelerate to a high rate of speed (which it did). You don't have much, if any control when you
> hydroplane, but you are totally in the hands of God when the car accelerates. I took off like I
> was in an airplane. I'm so thankful I made it through that ordeal. Please pass the word around
> about not using cruise control when the pavement is wet or icy. The highway patrolman said this
> should be on the sun-visor with the warning about air-bags.
>     The only person I've found out who knew this (besides the patrolman) was a man who had a
> similar accident and totaled his car. This has made me wonder if this is not why so many of our
> young people are dying in accidents.
>     Be careful out there!

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