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[DPRG] Fw: Cruise control on wet roads (Off-topic)

Subject: [DPRG] Fw: Cruise control on wet roads (Off-topic)
From: bill billa at longrange.net
Date: Wed Dec 4 00:35:01 CST 2002

rten at new.metronet.com wrote:
> Off-topic but important. On front wheel drive cars,
>  you lose steering and traction at the same time.
> When it happened to me I was lucky -- 
> I was startled and let up. 
> The car slowed and the wheels broke through the water
> so I regained control.
> Ralph

Other types of vehicles are much worse.
The worst vehicle is a rear wheel drive pickup truck with no weight in
the back.
 The rear will slide before the front.

PS: It is currently snowing here in minnesota.
I like my mini van. :)
It's front wheel drive. :)
Yes, You can drive 60mph on ice. It just takes a 1/2 mile to stop or

Now back to my Autonomous bot called "RackBot". 
It's a 300 pound rack frame with 6 wheels. (Two are driven)

It has traction problems and can't drive up a 4:12 pitch into my van. :(
All of the wheels have spring loaded slides to move up and down.

I am currently changing the springs to ones with different rates.

Bill, Arden (Embedded systems designer) http://www.soraca.com

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