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[DPRG] Fw: Cruise control on wet roads (fwd)

Subject: [DPRG] Fw: Cruise control on wet roads (fwd)
From: Ray Renteria ray at troux.com
Date: Wed Dec 4 09:50:02 CST 2002

If vehicles had a simple "water displacers" in front of each wheel, most (at
least some) hydroplaning situations could be avoided outright.  Imagine a
wheel like the kind you find on a Razor scooter mounted on a retractable arm
that simply lowered itself right in front of each of the vehicle's tires.
It would be narrow and firm enough to penetrate a few inches of water and
part it it--clearing most of it out of the way for the car's tire.

     Car moving in --> this direction
     ---- |   o   | ----
           \     /    /
            '---'   O       <---- Retractable "razor" wheel

   Vehicle's -+

In driving safety classes, they always tell you to drive over the tracks of
the car in front of you because it will have already displaced some of the
water on the road.  This idea is based on that.

If the retractable wheel had a cross section like that of deep hull boat,
it would be more effective in penetrating and spreading the water:

          |         |
          |         |
          |         |
          |         |       Bottom half of cross section.
          |         |
           \       /
            '    '
              \ /
It seems to me that these things could be activated with the windshield
wipers switch mechanism.


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Subject: [DPRG] Fw: Cruise control on wet roads (fwd)

Off-topic but important. On front wheel drive cars, you lose steering and
traction at the same time. When it happened to me I was lucky -- I was
startled and let up. The car slowed and the wheels broke through the water
so I regained control.

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Subject: Cruise control on wet roads

>     This was passed on to me by a friend - I wanted to share this with you
just in case you
> didn't know this fact.
>     I had a wreck a couple of weeks ago and totaled our Lincoln Town Car.
I hydroplaned on Hwy
> 135 between Gladewater & Kilgore, Texas. I was not hurt, just emotionally
rattled! I know the
> Lord was with me.
>     I learned a lesson I'd like to pass on to you. You may know this
already--but the highway
> patrolman told me that you should NEVER drive in the rain with your cruise
control on. He said
> if you did and hydroplaned (which I did) that when your tires were off the
road your car would
> accelerate to a high rate of speed (which it did). You don't have much, if
any control when you
> hydroplane, but you are totally in the hands of God when the car
accelerates. I took off like I
> was in an airplane. I'm so thankful I made it through that ordeal. Please
pass the word around
> about not using cruise control when the pavement is wet or icy. The
highway patrolman said this
> should be on the sun-visor with the warning about air-bags.
>     The only person I've found out who knew this (besides the patrolman)
was a man who had a
> similar accident and totaled his car. This has made me wonder if this is
not why so many of our
> young people are dying in accidents.
>     Be careful out there!

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