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[DPRG] segway

Subject: [DPRG] segway
From: Rodent daweasel at swbell.net
Date: Wed Dec 4 16:56:01 CST 2002

I think the Segway will be a neat toy for rich folks, but doubtful it will
ever catch on. The manufacturer clearly indicates its not to be used as a
medically-necessary mobility device -- this means chances are it will not be
allowed on public sidewalks in many places. I can't see the postman
delivering mail on it either. Now a hoverboard would be cool!

I'll stick with my form of 2-wheeler -- once its moving it stays up by

Hey DPA -- did you take it off-roading? Just wondering how it deals with
non-hard surfaces.

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> My dad has one, I believe it's called the Rascal. It may even be
> covered by medical insurance. :-)

> I had wondered if a third wheel device costing 3 or 4 hundred dollars
> would have happier customers than the multi-thousand dollar segway (I
> know I'd be happier paying less and it probably wouldn't need much
> electronics, since it wouldn't have to be self balancing)
> Did your demo prove out that the two wheel mobility was far superior to
> what can be gotten from 3 or 4 wheels.  Is it worth the extra thousands
> of dollars?
> I would assume we'll be seeing late night infomercials selling knock
> offs that are 3 wheeled, unless there truly is a benefit to the segway
> design that I'm missing.

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