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[DPRG] Cruse Control

Subject: [DPRG] Cruse Control
From: Earl Bollinger earlwbollinger at attbi.com
Date: Wed Dec 4 21:49:01 CST 2002

I think it would be better to not use a cruise control when it's raining.
First it is just plain stupid.
Second your going way too fast for the roads, especially here in Texas,
roads are really bad when they are moist or wet.
Third it is just plain stupid.
Fourth, where the heck in the metroplex is there not enough traffic or
enough road to use cruise control? I don't know how you could use it around
here. When I went to Houston last, I could only use cruise control for short
periods of time, coming back almost not at all. And the roads were clear
then. But the traffic was abysmal.
Fifth, it's just plain stupid.

Anyway....breathe easy slow in....out..... OK.
Attempts to pre-break the water in front don't work, Ford and GM both tried
things like that years ago and the films they made were spectacular.
Watching a car doing 70mph hit a watered roadbed was a sight to behold,
especially when it ran out of water. The problem is the little castor starts
to hydroplane cauisn the main wheels to hydroplane. Also the distance the
castor wheel has to be in front varies with the speed of the vehicle,
otherwise the water on the edges overlap onto the main wheels since they are
wider than the little wheels out front.

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