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[DPRG] easter egg of sorts

Subject: [DPRG] easter egg of sorts
From: Sluggy! slugmusk at linuxlegend.com
Date: Thu Dec 5 10:49:01 CST 2002

Hey, folks. I was looking for timebase chips and came across these 
folks. http://www.lsicsi.com/Welcome.htm

Of particular interest to robotics folks are two lines of chips:

The LS7082, LS7083/7183 and LS7084/7184 are quadrature clock converter 
chips that, in general, convert A&B quadrature channels into various 
forms of clock and direction bits. For example, the 7082 provides a 
direction bit as well as separate clock outputs for up and down. The 
7083 omits the direction bit, whereas the 7084 provides a single clock 
output with a direction bit. The 718X chips also provide 1X, 2X and 4X 
clock multiplication.

Off the top of my head, these chips seem kind of redundant. Connecting a 
quadrature encoder directly to a MCU requires two I/O lines. Using these 
chips would also require two I/O lines. All info needed for the clock 
multiplication is provided in the A&B channels, so nothing exotic there.

I think the power would be that the MCU software might be marginally 
simpler using these chips, especially for systems based on BASICStamp or 
other comparitively low-MIPS chips. Not sure...

Here's an example data sheet: http://www.lsicsi.com/pdfs/LS7083_84.pdf

Another chip that might be more useful is a series of brushless DC motor 
controllers. Many of those really tiny motors we want to play with are 
brushless DC motors. Different models of chip provide drive for high 
side or low side driven FETs or bipolar transistors as needed.

One of the chips is a single chip solution for complete control of one 
motor, controlling motor speed by a voltage input, providing braking, 
tachometer output, overcurrent sensing, etc.

Here's an example chip data sheet: http://www.lsicsi.com/pdfs/LS7560_61.pdf



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