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[DPRG] Robot wheels

Subject: [DPRG] Robot wheels
From: Daryl Gallatin dgall723 at mail.dal.devry.edu
Date: Mon Dec 9 20:28:01 CST 2002

Is hacking stuff together common in the robotics field?

I had a feeling it looked something like that, but hoped it would be a little easier

New business idea. A robot store that sells wheels(lots of different choices)

sorry, just a bit frustrating

I had checked out kronosrobotics befroe, don't know how I missed that
Tahe 4 inch wheel might work except its only a 4 inch wheel
Gonna hold off till I get these other wheels in before trying that one

K, I'll check out Home Depot

Hmmm, if I get the motors in by Friday and get the wheels, Guess I could swing my robot by this saturday for a critique and how to get the wheel to mount onto the shaft

Thanks for the info all!

>>> "Earl Bollinger" <earlwbollinger at attbi.com> 12/09/02 19:29 PM >>>
Like the other guys stated these look like lawn furniture wheels of some
Look around for a old wheeled barbeque grill, I betcha those are the wheels.
You might try www.budgetrobotics.com, or www.kronosrobotics.com they both
had baby coach wheels
or something that looks like baby coach wheels.
What they guys do is make a wheel hub for the wheels, and mount the wheel to
www.robostuff.com has high quality hubs and high quality 4" wheels too,
they'll do special requests for a price if you want special wheels too.
www.lynxmotion.com also has hubs and wheels, but their wheels aren't 6"
diameter ones.

You can also check out the local RC model airplane hobby shop. You could use
the 6" airplane wheels to good effect for this too.

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Subject: [DPRG] Robot wheels

Hi, is there a specifc source fo robot wheels
I am not finding what I need
Either the wheel is too small or the store doesn't sell wheels

I need 2 ea 6" wheels similiar to the Aardvark pictured here

The shaft that the wheel will go is flat on one edge

I'm ordering some wheels from electronic goldmine to see if they will
work(they're cheap) but these are only 4" wheels

Does anyone know of a good source of Wheels
I didn't see any at Tanners tha tI could use

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