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[DPRG] Robot wheels

Subject: [DPRG] Robot wheels
From: Rodent daweasel at swbell.net
Date: Tue Dec 10 02:22:01 CST 2002

What he means, is most people who build robots are cheapskates -- they would
rather spend $5 and 100 hours with a hand drill and glue gun than $20 and
zero time for a complete solution. And then they have this stupid look on
their face when the wheels fall off in the middle of the contest.

At any rate, the size / weight of your robot, the type of drive you have,
the terrain you plan to navigate and your construction skills will dictate
your wheel / adapter / mounting choices. Don't be limited by what others
have done -- you can't be sure if their idea really worked or not by looking
at a few photos.

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> >Is hacking stuff together common in the robotics field?
> Yes, there is no "mass market" to support mass market products as yet and
> most hobbyists are not willing to pay "market rate" for these kinds of
> things which keeps margins too small for most people.
> >I had a feeling it looked something like that, but hoped it would be a
> >little easier
> >
> >New business idea. A robot store that sells wheels(lots of different
> There are a number of businesses that do this, the most famous/popular is
> McMaster-Carr. (www.mcmaster.com) For example they have over 400 "wheels"
> made out of different materials and targeted for different purposes. A
> quick search reveals "furniture wheels" these in nylon, only $15.17 each.
>          6" x 1 3/4" 2 3/8" 25/32" 1100 9955T44 15.17
> But wait, you don't want to spend $30 on a pair of wheels when you can get
> a pair of kids roller skates and 8 wheels for less than that. So you might
> end up hacking the wheels off a pair of skates.
> Now there are of course people serving the hobby community such as Jim
> over at Lynxmotion
> (www.lynxmotion.com) but they only go up to 3.5" as far as I can tell.
> there is the Robot Combat site (www.robotcombat.com) which carries the NPC
> wheels and Colson wheels (generally for the Battlebots crowd but you get
> the picture.)
> I kind of hate to tell you this but the first three barriers to Robotics
>          1) Getting Motors
>          2) Getting Wheels (and mounting them)
>          3) Getting a circuit to drive the motors from a computer.
> Once you get past these the next three are much more tractable.
> >sorry, just a bit frustrating
> We've all been there.
> >Hmmm, if I get the motors in by Friday and get the wheels, Guess I could
> >swing my robot by this saturday for a critique and how to get the wheel
> >mount onto the shaft
> >
> >Thanks for the info all!
> The good news is there is lots of support out there...

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