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[DPRG] Velocity Profiling move of RC Servos

Subject: [DPRG] Velocity Profiling move of RC Servos
From: Jim Frye tech at lynxmotion.com
Date: Wed Dec 11 09:09:01 CST 2002

Hello Randy,

>I'll have to look closer at the instructions and what we've got
>in the fine details. The gripper joints are almost frictionless
>(very loose) but the rod doesn't seem to move easily, so perhaps
>it is caught in the cable or crimps as you suggest.

Please do. This is covered in great detail, but in the rush to build it 
some people just look at the pictures, and don't read the text...

>I was wrong about the servos. Apparently I've got all HS-322's
>instead of 422's, which is surprizing.

Oops! That is in error. There was a misunderstanding here. We have 
corrected this and will be sending replacement servos right away.

>same is true. A substitution of a 100 oz. in. servo set would
>allow the arm pick up over twice the load it can currently. But
>as you say, if the potentiometers are crappy, and there's no
>life to the arm... maybe that doesn't matter greatly, because
>without a larger gripper, I don't have an application for the
>arm beyond the learning experience (which is very valuable in
>its own right, however).

When you get the 422's you will be surprised at the capabilities of the 
arm. I do want to clairify, you were talking about the GWS crappy pots, not 
the 422's which are the best value in my opinion.

>You know, a bit of market feedback. Down here in Dallas, lots of
>us dream of advancing some day to the point where we can give
>David P Anderson a challenge at can can. That takes an arm which
>can grip a can. And of course the next step up, is to be able to
>pick up a fill canned drink of some sort. I wonder if you
>wouldn't sell more arms if you had a kit big enough to deal with

Input noted. Thanks, Jim

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