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[DPRG] Battlebot-like competition (fwd)

Subject: [DPRG] Battlebot-like competition (fwd)
From: Rodent daweasel at swbell.net
Date: Sun Dec 15 10:27:00 CST 2002

there was a group forming in Fort Worth about a year or so ago -- they had
one meeting and I never heard anything since. Their web page advertises
their second meeting on 11/17/2001 -- guess this says it all.

Keep in mind what you see on  TV are not really robots -- they are radio
controlled fighting machines. To be a robot, by definition, they would have
to be autonomous. I can't speak for the rest of the club, but if I spend
100's of dollars / hours building a robot, I would definitely not want to
have it destroyed just to entertain the masses.

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> > From: "Mitch Cerroni" <smfamily88 at charter.net>
> > To: <info at dprg.org>
> > Subject: Battlebot-like competition
> > Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2002 21:05:03 -0600
> >
> > I've noticed that isn't a fighting robot competition near dallas or in =
> > texas. Most of the competitions like Battlebots is all the way in =
> > California. Even though your competitions are for autonomus robots, what
> > about hosting a remote controlled fighting robot competition along with
> > the event? It probably would attract lots of fans. Just wondering.

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